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Let Wales Run Post Office - Plaid

April 22, 2024

Let Wales Run Post Office - Plaid
A leading Plaid Cymru official is calling for full devolution of Post Office and Royal Mail services to Wales after the next Westminster general election.
The services should be brought together under a new organisation, Post Cymru, under the overall direction of the Senedd, says Plaid Cymru's Swansea West Westminster candidate, Dr Gwyn Williams.
"Our postmasters and post mistresses have been shamefully treated by a discredited alien organisation, and it is high time they and the people of Wales were given a fresh start", said Dr Williams.
"In fact, Wales has been fobbed off with a second-class service for over a century - with plum jobs and many mail-sorting functions located over the border.
"Given this shoddy treatment, my own view is that any compensation for the renationalisation of Royal Mail should be decidedly economic."
Dr Williams is calling on leaders of all the political parties to include a commitment in their election manifestos to full devolution of postal and Post Office services with accompanying legislative and financial powers.